The 21-Day Release Challenge is designed to help moms let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve them. Although the Self-Care Garden program serves the whole family, this challenge was created for moms because they typically hold a lot of things inside of them and hold onto a lot of things and people in their environments past their expiration dates. It’s time to let go. 


The 21-Day Release Challenge is part of the Self-Care Garden Program for Adults, so the challenge takes its cues from nature. Deciduous trees, like oak and maple trees, actively release their leaves to conserve their energy and prepare for the change in seasons. This is your chance to do the same thing. 

During this challenge you will:

  • Actively release digital, physical, and mental clutter
  • Receive a daily video that includes a task,  affirmation, and journal prompt to help you release
  • Record your reflections in an electronic journal that's included or print the journal to write down your thoughts with pen
  • Have the option to join a private Facebook accountability group 

21-Day Release Program for Moms