Sharing Self-Care Practices with Kids for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Self-Care Garden program by Family Strategists, LLC, has been busy sharing kids' yoga, chair yoga, plant care, meditation, and mindfulness practices across Wake County, NC all month long.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach for Parents and Families, Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Coach, Certified Mindfulness Coach, and master's level social worker, Shereka Dunston isn't a licensed mental health professional, but she has witnessed the mental wellness benefits of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and plant care in her own family and in her work with other individuals and families.

On May 2nd and May 16th, Shereka had the opportunity to share yoga and mindfulness meditation with 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 4-year-olds at Little Maker's Academy in Raleigh, NC.

May 7th was Kids Appreciation Day in Holly Springs, NC. Family Strategists, LLC had a booth featuring Self-Care Garden. The entire family behind Family Strategists, LLC enjoyed sharing yoga with the community.

Shereka facilitated a virtual Signature Self-Care Garden Program for Kids for her husband's 3rd grade class at Underwood Gifted and Talented Elementary School in Raleigh, NC on May 9th. During the session, each student received an air plant and a Self-Care Garden Activity Book with info about plant care, info about self-care, a fillable self-care plan, and positive affirmation coloring sheets. To end the session, the students had an opportunity to practice chair yoga and mindful breathing -- strategies they can use as they prepare for state testing to end the year.

Shereka and her 4-year-old son Brian travelled to Knightdale, NC to share yoga with the Kids Club of My Parenting Partners in Knightdale, NC, on May 10th. Shereka didn't have a chance to take action shots, but she did capture this photo of her and her little yogi after facilitating the session.

Transformation Fellowship Christian Church of Apex, NC opened its doors to Family Strategists, LLC for Parents and Preschoolers Yoga and Kids Yoga on May 14th. Two families joined Brian and Shereka for Parents and Preschoolers Yoga. Three families joined Shereka, Olivia (Shereka's 11-year-old), and Brian for Kids Yoga.

May 21st wrapped up community yoga for the month of May. Unfortunately, none of the families showed up for the free session at Find A Way Fitness in N. Raleigh. Shereka and the rest of the Family Strategists, LLC family utilized the space to practice yoga and get some sweet promotional shots.

May has been a busy, yet rewarding and productive month. We cannot wait to share more self-care practices with children and their families.

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