Self-Care Benefits of Plants

Let me warn you now: I'm a huge fan of houseplants because of the amazing benefits and the joy they provide. Let's face it: we all could use an additional spark of joy during these times with the ongoing global pandemic.

If you are not (yet) a plant enthusiast, I want to change you to reconsider right now. Plants are dope. Period. Let me tell you the reasons why according to this article from Healthline:

  • Plants help people reduce stress

  • Plants help people improve their focus

  • Plants help people feel less lonely

  • Plants help people increase their creativity

Plants filter the air, which helps people recover from illness quicker

If I had to add my own reason why everyone should have at least one living plant in their homes it has to be because plants give people a sense of purpose. Purpose encourages people to get up and try again day after day.

What is your favorite benefit of having a plant?

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