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Life Coach Shereka Dunston has added another kids' yoga certification to her resume. As a Certified Kidding Around Yoga Teacher, Shereka is excited to introduce yoga, meditation, mindfulness, songs, stories, and games to kids around the country through live sessions and pre-recorded videos (coming soon).

We at Self-Care Garden are excited to help kids practice self-care while having fun. When kids are relaxed, the entire family feels better.

Check out this testimonial about the power of yoga and meditation before bed from the co-founders' 11-year-old daughter.

We are now accepting bookings for kids' yoga classes at this link:

Here are the class descriptions:

Parents & Preschoolers is a mindfulness program for preschoolers (ages 3-5) and their parents. Each session includes: positive affirmations, breathing exercises, storytelling, and mindful movement through yoga.

Mindful Movement for Kids is a weekly, 45-minute yoga and meditation class.

Kids' Creative Flow is a monthly, 60-minute yoga class that includes a craft mailed to participants.

Paint & Pose is a special occasion, 60-minute yoga class that begins with a paint party. Each participant will receive a 28-piece paint kit in the mail.

Signature Spring Self-Care Garden sessions include an air plant and Self-Care Garden activity book mailed to participants plus garden-themed yoga in session.

Signature Fall Self-Care Garden sessions include a Fall Into Friendship activity book mailed to participants plus Fall-themed yoga in session.

Email us with any questions about our kids' yoga classes, here:

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