Gentleness & Patience During the Holidays

We are right in the midst of the holiday season, and most kids are home on Winter Break from school.

This is the week where parents go out of their way to make special Christmas memories and put extra smiles on their children's faces.

Even if most people are in a holly jolly spirit, that may not be the case for everyone. This is a tough time of year for folks dealing with illness, grief, unemployment, seasonal blues, isolation, low funds, and other hardships.

Parents tend to be extremely hard on themselves when they don't meet their children's expectations in terms of buying the right gifts or taking fun trips like their children's peers.

Honestly, the holidays are never perfect, so remember to extend yourself and others grace. If you are a parent who is doing the best you can, remember to be gentle with yourself. Your children will be fine if they can't get the newest Cool Grey 11s or the latest Magic Mixies.

As you encounter other folks in the stores, on the roads, or at work, don't forget to be patient with them. You never know what they're dealing with that may cause them to behave in a manner that rubs you the wrong way. Try not to allow another person's bah humbug spirit to steal your peace and joy during this season or any other season. Your kindness could change the trajectory of another person's bad day, so remember to spread it around like confetti.

Take care and have a happy holiday season!

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