Fall Programs for Kids & Adults

We are busy at the Self-Care Garden this Autumn. Our Fall into Friendship beta program is live! Sign your 1st - 5th graders up for this short program that teaches kids about treating friends with respect and being treated with respect by their friends.

This is important due to so many of our kids transitioning back into school buildings, team sports, and other activities after an extended period away due to the big "p" word. Some of our kids need a little help recognizing healthy friendship behaviors after being quarantined for so long.

Register your child for the Fall into Friendship program here: The program includes a live Zoom meeting and an activity book shipped to the participant for only $10.

We are not leaving adults out of our happenings at Self-Care Garden. There is upcoming relaxation party complete with yoga for women taking place November 13th. There are currently no spaces available, but we will keep you in the loop if we get any openings.

Lastly, to end the Fall we are having a 21-Day Release Challenge for adults. This challenge is inspired by the deciduous trees that lose their leaves every Fall. Learn more and register here:

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